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This month's news from Alison...

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"Tis a beautiful day in the neighborhood! Sun is shining, and I just saw our resident family of quail run through the back yard with their newly hatched babies. So cute! About 2 inches long and scurrying after Mom & Dad for all they're worth.
Well, for starters, let me just point out that Alison is right at this moment on stage at the Laurie Beechman Theatre in New York City for her Mothers' Day Brunch performance of Confessions. And it's the new improved version (which I've never even seen, by the way!) with additional video clips and other items that you'll have to see to believe!
Oh well, another month has gone by, and it seemed to be really busy. Let's see if I can remember any of it. Let's see . . .

Alison had a wonderful time at the Cherry Blossom festival in Missouri. (Still didn't bring back any cherries. Just sayin' . . . ) And then, right before she left for New York, she went to Seattle to film more episodes of The Mephisto Box, and to attend the Port Orchard Film Festival. I hear they loved Confessions!  Here's the You tube channel for Mephisto Box
On the way home, Alison popped into Sacramento, to do a little work for PROTECT, The National Association to Protect Children.  Seems some folks up there needed to brought up to speed on the severity of the child exploitation problem and the need for our friends at ICAC, (Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force). But Alison and her new friend Assemblymember Jim Cooper will soon straighten them out! Find out more about the battle to protect children at
And last night, while Alison was out of town, I snuck out to go to the last ever S.T.A.G.E. Benefit performance. This is a benefit featuring Broadway performances in Los Angeles, that has been ongoing for 33 years, and this was the last one. From the APLA website: "Begun in 1984, S.T.A.G.E. is the longest-running annual HIV/AIDS fundraiser in the world. Over the last three decades, more than 350 stars of Broadway, film and television have performed music from the Great White Way while raising more than $5 million for HIV/AIDS organizations in the Los Angeles area." I saw many old friends there, and it was really sad to acknowledge both the passing of time and the end of the run of S.T.A.G.E. Benefits.


Once again, the first item on the calendar is the post-Mothers Day Edition of the Nasty Nellie Oleson Tour of Hollywood. Alison and Tour Guide Extraordinaire Richard Sebastian will take you for a three hour tour of Hollywood. Sunday, May 21st from 3:00 to 6:00 pm. Hey, that's THIS Sunday! And they are now starting at the brand new Dearly Departed Tours and Artifact Museum at 5601 Santa Monica Blvd. (right across the street from the Hollywood Forever Cemetery - Of course!) Check it out here:Dearly Departed For tickets go to: Nellie Tour Tickets  Now remember, there's always a theme to the tours. For Valentine's Day, there was chocolate. For Easter there was . . . chocolate again. And for Mothers day, who knows??
And then on Saturday, June 3rd, Alison will be the host at a rock n roll concert. Remember Rick Derringer? (Hang On Sloopy, Rick n Roll Hootchie Koo) And remember The Standells? (Love That Dirty Water) Well, they are performing together fir the PBS Cornerstones of Rock Special at the Palace Theatre, 630 S. Broadway in Los Angeles, with Alison as their host. Check out this promo video: Derringer/Standells Promo  Tickets are $25.00, and you can get them here: Derringer/Standells Tickets  This is one that I'm not going to miss, that's for sure!! And there may be other LHOTP alumni in attendance, also.

Next, on Saturday, June 24th, A Peterson Production & Loose Gravel Productions present the first Indomitable Spirit gathering - with guest speakers Jody Vaclav and Steve Pieters hosted by Alison Arngrim. The meeting will be at the Woman's Club of Hollywood, 1749 North La Brea Avenue, Los Angeles, 90046, from 1:30 to 4:00 pm. Tickets are only $20.00, and you can get them here: Indomitable Spirit Tickets (There will also be beautiful t-shirts and tote bags for sale!)  The Indomitable Spirit is not just a series of speakers, but a movement: a gathering of people who have overcome tremendous, often life shattering obstacles and have not only refused to give up, but gone on to thrive and lead amazing, happy fulfilling lives. Find out how you can too, at
Then in July, Alison will be appearing for the first time ever at O Comic Con July 7th, 8th, and 9th 2017 at the Mid-America Center in Council Bluffs, IA. Check it out here: O Comic Con  Advance tickets are $35, or $40 for all three days. Tickets: Comic Con Tickets  O Comic Con is an indie expo-style comics and pop culture convention now in its third year of operation. And Alison's buddy Caroll Spinney will be there! (You remember, he was Big Bird!) And they've just added another ex-child actor, Jonathan Lipnicki (Jerry Maguire). Could be a very good time.
Later in July, Alison will be going, also for the first time ever, to De Smet, South Dakota to the Laura Ingalls Wilder Memorial Society's Summer Event, July 14 - 16th. She will be joined there by Dean Butler (Almanzo) for a wonderful weekend. Checkout their website here:  They will also be joined there by William Anderson, Author and Wilder Historian. Alison has never been to De Smet, so who knows what she and Dean will get up to?? (Could be scandalous!)

While she's in South Dakota, Alison has scheduled a book signing at Barnes & Noble, 3700 West 41st Street, Sioux Falls, SD 57106 (605-362-1500) This will be on Thursday, July 13th, time to be announced. Nothing on their website yet, but here it is anyway: Barnes & Noble  Now, South Dakota, this is your first taste of Nellie in person. Think you're up for it?? (Sock Monkey giggles!)
Then, to start August off with a bang, Alison, Rachel (Carrie Ingalls) and Brian Part (Carl Sanderson Edwards) will be Grand Marshals of the Ed Perine Memorial Parade taking place as part of Fiesta Days 50th Anniversary on August 4-6, 2017. Their duties as marshals will include a Meet & Greet along with autograph signing and pictures with the fans! For the official Fiesta Days website, go to: Fiesta Days  The celebration will be at Frazier Mountain Park, 3801 Park Drive, Frazier Park, CA 93225 From their website: "Fiesta Days is the longest running celebration in the Mountain Communities with people from all over flocking to the mountains to participate in the three day festival!  Show off your pets in the Pet Show, test your luck in one of the many family games, enjoy live music all weekend, shop a wide variety of vendors, and taste a wide assortment of foods.  Come to Fiesta Days to see old friends, make new friends, and keep building your Mountain Memories!" This is the Fiftieth Anniversary, so it's going to be a big deal. I'm going to be there, and so is Sock Monkey! ("Can I sign autographs, too?", asks Sock Monkey)
And then, in September, it's back to France! Quel plaisir de vous retrouver bientôt sur scène!
Vivement le mois de septembre, pour deux représentations exceptionnelles! Alison et Patrick Aux emplacements suivants:
Jeudi 14 septembre 2017, 18h30 : 36ème FOIRE NATIONALE DE VERDUN
"La malle aux trésors de Nellie Oleson" Tarif : 15 euros (Entrée Foire comprise)
Renseignements / Réservations : 03 29 86 29 29 /

Samedi 16 septembre 2017, 20h30 : SALON FLASH BACK VINTAGE, LONS-LE-SAUNIER
"La malle aux trésors de Nellie Oleson" Tarif : 20 euros (Entrée Salon comprise)
Renseignements / Réservations : 06 68 31 79 05 /
Voici une interview avec Alison & Patrick: Interview

So, enough schedule for now.

1. Alors, Montreal! Aimeriez-vous un peu de Nellie? How about the Canadian debut of "La malle aux trésors de Nellie Oleson"?? Are you up for that?
2. Rumour has it, another Little House cast member is writing a book. No, you'll never guess. (And not him or her, either!)
3. It took famous soap opera villainess Susan Lucci 19 tries to win an Emmy. How many tries would it take Alison Arngrim?  Are we about to find out?
Little House Website - There's a nice short biography of Alison on the Little House website. It even has a clip from Throw Out The Anchor, and another of the My Home speech in Miss Beadle's classroom. Check this out: Alison Bio
Livin' On A Prairie - I think we've mentioned before that Alison, and Charlotte Stewart, are involved in a new web series called Livin' On A Prairie. Well, they had a screening last week in New York, and Alison was there. Check it out here: Prairie Screening  To sample a sizzle reel of the production, go to the Cut And Dry Films website ( Cut & Dry Films ) and scroll down to the second video on the page. I can't wait to see the whole thing!
Life Interrupted - You know, this thing keeps winning awards at film festivals. They just got another one a couple of days ago. (I can't keep up with which award from which festival, so I'm not even going to try!) Anyway, for your viewing pleasure, here's their You Tube page again: Life Interrupted
Brian Part (Carl Sanderson Edwards) - Brian will be joining Alison and Rachel at Fiesta Days in Frazier Park. (see above) Aside from his duties on Little House, Brian also appeared in Max Dugan Returns, Return From Witch Mountain, The Waltons, Eight is Enough, and Knots Landing, to name a few. It will be good to see you again, Brian!
Radames Pera (John Edwards, Jr.) - Radames and wife, Anne-Sophie, have moved to (or back to, in her case) France where they fell in love 3 years ago, along with their 9-month-old daughter, Camille. Radames says the writing of his memoir is coming along nicely and he plans to have a French version published alongside the English one. He says Balisto and Kango, cookies unavailable in the U.S. make fatherhood even that much sweeter. Maybe Alison can swing by when she's over there in September. Peut etre!
Dean Butler (Almanzo Wilder) - This summer is the 150th birthday of Laura Ingalls Wilder, so Dean's a pretty busy guy! He'll be at:
Frankenmuth Historical Museum, Frankenmuth, MI  - June 2
Laura Ingalls Wilder Pageant, De Smet, SD - July 14-16  (With Alison, see above)
Genesee Country Village, Genesee, NY - Aug 4-5
Heritage Hill, Green Bay WS - Aug 11-13 ( With Lucy Lee Flippin
Keep up the good work, Dean!
Pamela Roylance (Sarah Reed Carter) - Well, nothing new to report on Pam, however, look what I found! Her demo reel, with a clip from many of her recent outings. Roylance Demo  Good stuff, Pam!

Melissa Gilbert (Laura Ingalls) - Yep, still in Michigan. Just to catch up, here's a video she made, one of those "Where Are They Now?" things, about a year ago: Where Is Melissa?
Lucy Lee Flippin (Eliza Jane Wilder) - Lucy Lee will be hooking up with Dean for an appearance at the Heritage Hills Laura Ingalls Wilder event in Wisconsin. (See above)

The Saga of Sock Monkey: (Chapter Fifty-Four) "Wow!", thought Sock Monkey. He was still in a daze. He had never in his life seen so many stars! And the pilots were such wonderful friendly people. They had chatted for a while, and Alison had signed a few autographs, and then they made their way back to their seats. And he still had a full glass of cognac! Life was good! He settled in for a long, relaxing flight. Alison was dozing in her seat, and Monkey was thinking back over the whole long adventure. All the way back to that fateful Christmas in Knoxville. Had he only known then! And he loved his new life living in California. He made a mental note to get to work on the new cat when they got back home. Yes, poor Clarice had passed on, and there was a new kitten to torment. Her name was Morticia, and she was all black, and very feisty! (He was going to have fun with her!) Sock Monkey smiled at that thought, and then pulled out his textbooks. It was time to get down to work. He was determined to  learn to speak French, so that when he met Mme. Sophie, he would be able to greet her in her own language. "Bonsoir!", he thought. Or would it be "Bonjour, comment vas-tu?" That would depend on the time of day, he thought, as he sipped his congac and turned the page . . .
 (To be continued . . .)

There you have it. The Fourth Nellie Newsletter for 2017. Welcome to all our new readers from New York City and the Cherry Blossom Festival! (Secret Agent Sock Monkey, International Monkey of Mystery, says hello!)
As usual (Comme d’habitude), be good bonnet heads, and I’ll talk to you next month.     

- Bob


copyright 2017 Alison Arngrim