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Attention Mrs. Oleson Fans!!

Katherine MacGregor (Mrs. Oleson) has a request. As so many people come here looking for info about her, she asked if we could relay this:

As much as she still enjoys getting fan mail, and is happy to answer as much of it, as time and energy allows, (don't forget, she is 80, boys and girls!), she asks that those who want a picture, a drawing, etc., please - please, please, puh-leeez!! - include a self addressed stamped envelope with your letter!

Mrs. Oleson is not the postmistress and the Mercantile does not stock stamps!

(And sorry, but no, Mrs. Oleson does not do "that Internet thing", so there is no e-mail address for you to reach her at.)

But if you can get it together to include that SASE (that's a self-addressed stamped envelope), feel free to write to the one and only, Harriet Oleson, proprietress, at:

Katherine MacGregor
1900 North Vine, #306
Los Angeles, CA 90068

Thank you.

Attention Mrs. Oleson fans!! There have been a series of bizarre rumors circulating about the woman who played my dear mother, Harriet, veteran stage and television actress Katherine MacGregor. Let's settle this right here: Katherine is alive and well, in excellent health and living in Hollywood. She does not and has not had cancer, or so much as a cold in the entire time I've known her. She is a strict vegetarian and an avid devotee of health foods and clean living. She does not smoke or drink. She does indeed meditate and belong to an ashram. She has long been a follower of eastern religion, (Vedanta and the teachings of the late Swami Vivekananda) but she is not and never has been married to her Swami. (Frankly, that's just not even the sort of thing one would do in her religion!)

She's also not married to her doctor. Or any doctor. She's never been a big fan of doctors or western medicine in general. (Even her dog prefers acupuncture.)

The truth is, Ma Oleson is single and loving it! She was married (and divorced) a very, very long time ago, but has decided there are simply better ways to spend her time, than as she puts it, "chasing after some man!" She considers herself retired, enjoys mediation, reading, cooking healthy food, traveling (trips to India and such), quiet evenings with friends and taking care of her dog.

She say she's very happy and really doesn't care what people think about what she does with her life, but she loves her fans and would not want them to worry.

She doesn't do interviews, but does occasionally answers fan mail. She doesn't send out 8" x 10" glossy photos, but has been known to draw a caricature of herself as Mrs. Oleson and sign it.

She thinks of all of us kids from "Little House" as her own dear, wayward children and is never without advice on what we should all be doing, who we should or shouldn't be marrying, etc. (OK, so it's a little like the show. But she loves us.)

If you are interested in knowing more about Katherine's spiritual pursuits, check out the Vedanta society at their website and read all about their fascinating history, including such followers as Christopher Isherwood and Aldous Huxley. You can also visit their Hollywood Temple and bookstore at: 1946 Vedanta Place, Hollywood, CA 90068-3996

So there you are. Not what one would expect to find at the Mercantile is it?